RLH Studio, Minneapolis, MN presents the The Waters: Senior Living Facilities. The Waters Senior Living, a developer of senior living communities, is committed to providing living experiences that empower its residents to thrive. With this new building, a 150,000-square-foot senior living facility, the client commissioned RLH Studio to bring a residential aesthetic to every aspect of the living environment. Inspired to create a beautiful and welcoming experience for residents, guests and even passers-by, the designer furnished the outdoor patio with comfortable, colorful furniture and bright umbrellas that can be seen from the street.  Knowing that run-of-the-mill commercial products would not deliver the beauty and panache that the client had requested, RLH Studio sourced well-designed, high performance fabrics, furniture, and wallcoverings, and negotiated substantial volume discounts on the client’s behalf. Working within ADA guidelines, the designers used a mix of fabrics and trim for the draperies and upholstered furniture.. To create residential flair and dimension, the interior designers selected colorful pillows, contemporary accessories, and eye-catching art, including vintage photographs of [Bob Hope] and other celebrities when they played in a local golf tournament decades ago. Beautifully framed and hung on the walls in the game room, the iconic images create a delightful connection between the past and today.
For more information on the Waters Senior Living please visit HERE.