Deborah Barton

RLH DEBORAH0050Finance and Operations Manager

I’ve been with RLH:

Since July 2015

Design Experience:

My degree and career history is in Accounting and Finance, however my first major in college was actually Interior Design at the University of Minnesota.  I found my true calling in numbers, but my love of design has been a lifelong passion!  Decorating my home and continually refreshing the colors, furniture and accessories is a favorite pastime, as well as planning and updating the landscaping of my backyard.  I’m also passionate about designing and implementing elaborate theme parties.  Having the opportunity to combine my Accounting talents with my love of design along with the incredibly talented team here at RLH is a dream come true!

My Style:

Global eclectic with a touch of whimsy!

Favorite Color:

I love the combination of the rich, exotic colors –Red, Purple, Gold and Orange.

A Room is Not a Room Without:

Elements that remind you of far-away travels and elements that make you smile and laugh.

Design Inspiration:

I love to look at travel magazines and experience other cultures – admiring the gorgeous colors and patterns of Moroccan rugs, intricate lanterns, the beautiful colors and textures in a spice market. It’s exciting to bring some of the outside world in through your decor!  I also love to laugh…your home should make you happy!  I enjoy personal touches that celebrate one’s inner silly self – a fun sculpture, an unexpected pop of color, a photograph of your family acting goofy.

When I’m not at the Studio, I’m …

Rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking, exploring the Twin Cities with my kids and throwing crazy theme parties for all of my friends!